Annual event 2018

Annual event 2018.

The 2018 annual event will be held In cooperation with Danmarks Nimbus Touring and "Andelsbyen Nyvang" in Holbæk

The event will be held from wednesday 1 to sunday 5 august (week 31)

Same weekend as event for steam.

Various shops will be open during the period - lot's of stuff to look at!

Info for how and when to sign in will come later.

Danmarks Nimbus Touring




Denmark's NIMBUS Touring is a nationwide club for owners of the Danish motorcycle NIMBUS, usually referred to as DNT.

Denmark's Nimbus Touring was founded in 1974 and was called this, so as not to take the name from an earlier club named, The NIMBUS Club, which was founded in 1925. This club was originally a club for NIMBUS riders, but it is now a club only for owners of the oldest Nimbus, Type A and B, nicknamed the "Stovepipe"

Annual General Meeting


The founding of the club, DNT, and it’s first AGM was held at, Kalø Vig Camping, May 18th, 1974.

There were 17 Nimbus at the event, but only 12 are shown in this photo.

Photo: Keld Nygaard Nielsen.

Denmark's NIMBUS Touring is organised as an association, with a committee and a constitution. An AGM is held in spring at various locations around the country.

Nimbus Magazine

Denmark's NIMBUS Touring publishes the magazine, Nimbus-Tidende, five issues per year. The magazine usually contains 36-44 pages in high-quality, colour printing.  In the magazine, you can follow what happens in the motorcycle world and in Denmark's Nimbus Touring. It also contains technical articles, historical and travel reports from earlier times and the present. There are buy-and-sell advertisements from members and advertisements from Nimbus repair shops and dealers.

Frontpage of the Nimbus Magazine No. 146, April 2008.

This cover photograph is from a trip to Singapore, 2007.

Photo: Tormod Amlien.

Annual event

The biggest annual event is DNT's Nimbus meet and camp. In the very first year, there was a gathering from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. Since then, the event has evolved into an arrangement of four days or more with a rich programme. The highlight every year is the organised ride for all Nimbus riders, pillions and sidecar passengers. Almost everyone participates in a scenically-beautiful country ride in one long - very long -convoy with hundreds of Nimbuses.

Regarding the annual event, it shows good cooperation between Denmark's NIMBUS Touring and local Nimbus clubs themselves. The event is held by DNT, but in practice there is a local Nimbus club that oversees the event and does most of the footwork


Camp in Plejelt at Tikøb, August 1975.

Spontaneously, the participants settled down with tents and motorcycles in a circle on the camping ground.

Photo: Ejgil Pedersen.

Museum Rally.

Denmark's NIMBUS Touring Annual Navigation Rally is held at various locations in the country. Originally, it was held from a museum; hence the name. It will take place on the first Saturday in September, but there may also be a "spring training" event held..

From the start of the Museum Rally 2003. The organiser is, Allan Rohrberg.

Photo: Jens Bisbjerg Andersen

Spare part markets

Denmark's NIMBUS Touring participates twice a year in the big, spare-parts market for cars and motorcycles in Fredericia. DNT has a stand there which promotes the club and sells various spare parts.
DNT participates in certain motorcycle-related events in the metropolitan area when an opportunity occurs and also, by invitation.


Picture: Exhaust manifold - new type, by DNT


Nimbus Museum / Archive

Denmark's NIMBUS Touring owns a relatively large collection of NIMBUS motorcycles and related objects. Since 2001, there has been a permanent exhibition of Nimbus in both technical and cultural history displayed in the "Coke hut" at the Industrial Museum in Horsens (Click for reading more about museum.)

Denmark’s NIMBUS Touring's archive includes almost all production drawings for Nimbus, Model C, and many for Nimbus Model A and B as well. It also has a comprehensive photo archive plus the NIMBUS factory's books from 1920 to 1960. The archive is stored by a committee member and can be accessed by appointment. Part of the archive is available through this website and drawings on CD’s can also be purchased as club items in the web shop.



April 9th, 1940 exhibition at the Nimbus Museum in 2004. The exhibition changes from year to year.

Photo: Knud Jørgensen.


Club effects

Denmark's NIMBUS Touring sells various spare parts and regalia from the website. Regalia is also sold from the shop in the Nimbus museum. (Click here to go to the store)

The picture: Nimbus cylinder head, DNT series-10. (2015)

Spare parts and dealers

Denmark's NIMBUS Touring has for several years initiated the manufacturing of some vital spare parts. This is manly cast iron parts such as Cylinder heads, Exhaust manifolds and the latest addition is Engine blocks. These items can be purchased via the web shop. A close partnership with the NIMBUS dealers listed in the Nimbus Magazine ensures that there is always a reasonable amount of other spare parts available.
Text and editing: Knud Jørgensen. English translation by Lars Glerup 2017.
Source: "100 years - a" crooked "anniversary" "(2004). Red. Allan Kløve Nyborg.